About the Author

Author S. Carlisle MayThe author S. Carlisle May personally interviewed Dr. Myhr a number of times about his service and experiences during WWII.  The information supplied by Dr. Myhr in his role of flight surgeon and medicine between 1940 and 1945 is supported by extensive research, 

As an avid history buff S. Carlisle May has visited the places she writes about. Through the National WWII Museum in New Orleans travel program, she has followed the American path from England to D-Day Normandy and into Germany. She has further visited Malta, Sicily and Italy following the path of the Allies as they invaded during WWII. These trips included guided lectures from authorities on the battlefields and from the veterans who fought there. The author has done research at museums and military libraries such as the U.S. Army Military History Institute in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on the subject of flight and the role of flight surgeons. 

As a multi-published author in both nonfiction and fiction, she has written Nick’s New Heart, about her son’s heart transplant experience which was released in July 2008. She has been published in the USAA Magazine, the Auburn Alumni Magazine, the Transplant Chronicles, the Atlanta Journal/Constitution and the Cartersville Tribune and has appeared on numerous TV and radio programs in the Atlanta area.

She holds a BA in political science with a double minor in history and literature from Auburn University. She has over twenty years’ worth of public speaking experience to various civic groups and leads workshops on time management, organization, and other writing related subjects at state and national conferences. As a member of the Congenital Heart Public Health Consortium in conjunction with the CDC, she is involved in a nationwide effort to educate the public about congenital heart disease.